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What's a struggling LA actress to do when her career fails to take off?
Launch her own YouTube Channel. Duh.  


Beleaguered actress and know-it-all Tinsel Townsend launches her own YouTube channel, Tinsel’s Town, in a misguided bid for fame and attention.  But the road to fame is littered with red lights and road kill — and wrong turns can be easily taken. 


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With over 1.5 million views for its first season on YouTube, “Tinsel’s Town” has managed to amass an active, engaged and loyal fan base of “Tinselers” across the globe.  Some tune in for advice, some to learn English (true story), but they all show up for a glimpse into Tinsel’s crazy LA life and for at least one good laugh at the beloved character’s quirky insights on topics raging from the hygienic perils of hair scrunchies (“You might as well wear a toilet seat on your head”) to what makes LA so different from NY (“New York is all about pedigree, right? You need papers and a urine sample just to get an apartment. LA is where you come when you don’t have papers and someone else has to pee in your cup.”)  With new viewers watching everyday, Tinsel is proving that she can conquer Hollywood the new fashioned way: one subscriber at a time.  


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Did you know: "Tinsel's Town" started out as a completely different project altogether.  

Although “Tinsel’s Town” is a bonafide online hit with over 1.5 million views for its first season on YouTube, the show is also a prequel to a TV pilot called “The Lullaby League”, a one-hour comedy/drama about a group of veteran Hollywood actresses who share residence in a grand Victorian mansion which also doubles as a retirement “home”.   

Relegated to the periphery of a town and a business which values youth above nearly all else, the lives of these older women are upended even further with the arrival of a spoiled reality star who’s been sentenced to do community service at the home. That reality star is Tinsel Townsend. It explores the age-old and burning question: what would happen if Kim Kardashian were forced to live with The Golden Girls? The answer: lots. 

The character of Tinsel was first introduced at a successful stage reading of “The Lullaby League at LA’s famed Strasberg Theater. Two months later, David started to pen the first scripts for “Tinsel’s Town”, which not only rewinds the clock to see who Tinsel was before she becomes the reality star sensation we meet in “The Lullaby League” (a wanna-be, fame-obsessed YouTuber), but also sets the stage for an even bigger story where sparks fly as Tinsel’s New Hollywood Kardashian-like fame battles it out with the women’s more Old Hollywood ideas of how fame should earned.  Will Tinsel come out on top? Or will the women take her under their wings and teach her a thing or two? Either way, batten your hatches –– because with David Barry already writing new episodes and both Aimee Lynn Chadwick set to return as Tinsel and Michael Lindsay-Hogg signed on to direct, one thing is clear: Tinsel is just getting started! 



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