Jenny Karl, Hair/Makeup

Jenny Karl, Hair/Makeup


“Jenny helped design Tinsel from the ground up, and much of the character’s personality is owed to Jenny’s spot-on decisions with hair, makeup and wardrobe. Without Jenny, Tinsel wouldn’t sparkle or even be Tinsel. It’s that simple. ”
— David Barry, Series Creator


Nominated for her work on “Tinsel’s Town” by the IAWTV, Jenny was always where Tinsel was ready to materialize – armed with ideas and an array of brushes, she’s been bringing Tinsel to life since the very first Tinsel’s Town rehearsal. She’s an avid animal rights activist and wants you to know that she ONLY uses verified cruelty-free products in all of her work.


Jenny has brought her extensive experience to various publications, not just on their cover photography, but also inside the pubs as well, writing articles for the Health and Beauty sections of both magazines and blogs. For those who want to experience Jenny’s know-how and learn a bit how she does what she does, Jenny has her very own makeup How-To series for 

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